Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Italian Wedding & Lake Maggiore

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25 Apr 08 FR9428 DUB/BGY 1735/2115
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This is Blog Post #100!
h wow... Of all the weekends away in the last year or whatever, I think Northern Italy was possibly one of the most theraputic and spectacular (but too much food again!) We started early Friday evening with a smooth 2 1/2 hr Ryanair flight from Dublin across France & The Alps (a truly amazing sunset over The Alps at dusk, but unfortunately no photos). A few turns and bumps, and we landed at Bergamo, about 40km northeast of Milan. Picked up a little Hertz Fiat with Sat Nav, and drove along the AutoStrada to Legnano where Tarynne, my old DHL team member from Brisbane now lives with her (fiance... now husband) Alessandro. It was late when we found our way into town - there was some major contruction going on, seemed like half the town was ripped up. After a little investigation, we located the "Hotel Elitis", our slightly dubious pre-booked 4 Star, but it was comfortable enough. Clare soon discovered a little coffee shop/nightclub that whipped us up some risotto and a couple of glasses of 7 yr old Havana Club. We fell asleep with the Italian racer boys revving their cars up and down the streets outside...
Next morning, after a very noisy Chinese tour group had left the building, we had a quick breakfast in the deserted restaurant. We met up with June, one of Tarynne's family friends, and she pointed Clare in the direction of the shoe shop across the street. So Clare did the Italian thing and bought shoes. We checked out the local supermarket for some essential supplies (and a bottle of limoncello). Downtown Legnano seemed pretty small. Not as attractive as many of the towns in Tuscany, but functional all the same, and well located with the AutoStrada running down the eastern side (North to Lake Maggiore, South to Milan).
The Wedding of Tarynne & Alessandro... We headed out for the 11am wedding at the Legnano Town Hall. Very nice it was, all done out in old wood panelling and the town flags of Italy. The wedding was a civil ceremony, conducted in Italian by an official looking bloke wearing a sash (possibly the Mayor?) and his assistant. Some obviously essential parts were translated into English (I think mainly for Tarynne!) There were lots of things we only partially understood but a very nice wedding all the same. Afterwards, Tarynne & Alessando were literally pelted with rice as they left the hall. Had a few photos outside, then we drove up to the reception venue.
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