Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 11 - San Sebastian, Pension Alemana

Click on the 2 mosaics for a slightly larger picture...
From top, left to right...
1. Graffiti, Salamanca
2. Le Petit Hotel, Salamanca
3. Motorway Driving
4. Motorway Driving, Northern Spain
5. Motorway Snow
6. Motorway Snow
7. Pension Alemana, San Sebastian (very nice little hotel)
8. Pension Alemana, San Sebastian

flickr photo link: <Spain, Dec 08>
They say that San Sebastian has the best tapas in Spain, and tonight we tried quite a few of them! Various tapas with smoked salmon & cream cheese, mini croissants with jamón & fromage, tapas with roquefort cheese & quince paste (and a walnut on top), salt cod, mini tarts with olive oil & glass eels, and grilled prawns, to name a few. Plus a couple of the local beers and a Havana Club & Coke for Clare. They do NOT use nip pourers here, so spirits are high.
Today was spent mainly driving, from Salamanda to San Sebastian past Valladolid, Burgos & Vitoria. We left around 10am and it took about 6 hours, starting in Wild West or Wyoming like open country, then through loads of snow covered areas with mountains & tunnels. They're raving about the snow on the news. The Swiss just get on with things when it snows, but the Spanish get stuck in centimetres, like the British, so things get rather excited. There was one motorway pass that looked to be getting rather hairy, but we cleared it, and were soon descending through some very green but quite industrial valleys in the Basque Country, into San Sebastian. I should point out that the motorways here are pretty exceptional too.
The Garmin lady helped us find our hotel, Pension Alemana (recommended by the Lonely Planet), which is rather comfortable, right near the esplanade, and has internet access, thus the update tonight! Tomorrow, we'll explore San Sebastian further then mosey along the coast to Bilbao...